Pool pumps are vital to maintaining clean and healthy water in your swimming pool. American Pools can assist you with your pool pump repair and maintenance needs to ensure that your system is effectively and efficiently circulating your pool water through the filtration system, along with any heating system you may have installed, to ensure that your pool is prepared for your next evening cool-off session or get-together with friends.


Pool pumps are available in various types, makes, models, and speeds available from a number of manufacturers. For most standard residential pools the motor will produce from 1/2 to 3 horsepower (HP) and should be selected and installed based upon the size of the pool and the number of features attached to your pool system. For instance, a kiddie pool with no heat can run a 3/4 HP pump and be perfectly energy efficient, while a large pool with water falls may require a 3 HP to efficiently move the water through the system. 


Standard single-speed pool pumps run at a continuous 3,450 RPM - the pump's horsepower varies the volume of water it can move. Variable speed pumps can operate between 700 and 3,450 RPM and are highly recommended because they are the most energy efficient, and many of these can be programmed or controlled by an automation system. The savings on these variable speed pumps can be tremendous – up to $700 a year compared to a standard single speed pump of equivalent size. Additionally, here in Arizona, a new Title 44 code change states that if you have a single-speed pool pump and are replacing the pump that you must install a two speed or variable multi-speed pump. The good news is that these pumps can easily pay for themselves in as little as 18 months!


American Pools typically recommend that our customers purchase a pool pump from a major manufacturer. This is not only because the manufacturers are larger and carry better reputations overall, but because pumps which can be purchased through outlets such as Walmart or Home Depot tend not to have readily-available replacement parts. When pool pump repair is needed for these brands, in our experience, delays of up to a month or more are not uncommon when obtaining parts from the manufacturer. Our particular brand preferences are PentAir and Hayward as when it comes time to make a pool pump repair the parts are generally available locally or are shipped out quickly so we can have our customers back in the water as quickly as possible!


Common Pool Pump Repair Issues

We have encountered numerous issues with pool pumps through the years. However, by far the most common is that O-rings within the unit will degrade - either from the passage of time or (all too often) improper chemical balance within your swimming pool. Many times a well-meaning pool owner (or an unskilled pool service technician) will put chlorine inside the skimmer. The result of this is a large concentration of highly corrosive chlorine in the water passing through the pool pump which these O-rings simply are not made to withstand. 

The good news is that many times the only repair needed is replacement of the O-rings in the pump unit. American Pools can help you evaluate your situation and perform this low-cost, simple pool pump repair for you or address any larger concerns we might identify.

American Pools, LLC can assist with any pool pump repair or replacement needs you may have!

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