The IntelliCenter Control System for Pool and Spa is the latest automation innovation from Pentair. Easily and intuitively manage the features of your pool and/or spa from anywhere in the world with IntelliCenter’s remote access and built-in connectivity for the ultimate in convenient control.

  • Enables mobile access and smart home control for added convenience

  • New color touchscreen interface provides clear, intuitive display

  • Optional indoor control panel and wireless remote

  • Allows for remote temperature control so pool or spa is ready to use when you are

  • Provides real-time email alerts

  • Controls spa jets, lights and light shows, blower, water features, etc.

  • Interfaces with iOS®, Android® mobile devices, Apple Watch® and Amazon Echo®, enabling owners to check their pools status remotely.


The 21st century is here and American Pools can help you benefit from many of the great technological advances designed to enhance your leisure experience! A swimming pool automation system offers pool owners more convenience and flexibility with which to enjoy their backyard oasis, allowing control of many aspects of your pool or spa’s operation at the push of a button, using your computer, or even an app on your smartphone. Valves can turn by the push of button, and pool and spa lighting, deck jets, landscape lights, fire bowls, or a number of other devices and features can be controlled automatically or remotely.

 Headed home from work and want to want the spa ready and heated for a relaxing soak? Open your mobile app to control your heater and automated valves and it can be ready for your arrival!

Many different pool automation systems are available on the market today, though we recommend systems manufactured by Pentair® for their exceptional quality. Compared to others, these systems tend to be in the mid- to high-end price range – though we feel that this is more than justified because Pentair® was one of the first manufacturers in the pool automation space and they continue to be a leader in innovation and typically offer outstanding warranties of up to 3 years out-of-the-box on many of their systems.

Automation is a specialized field in which not every pool service technician holds skills – and a technician without these skills can cause thousands of dollars in damage to a system! At American Pools, our team members are highly knowledgeable in automation and are continually educated on the latest pool automation systems available on the market. We also offer a free hour of training to homeowners wanting to maintain their pool so that they can get acquainted with the proper operation of their pool automation system.

Many pool automation systems also offer the added benefit of reduced costs in troubleshooting issues with the system by allowing for remote access to the system by an authorized technician. On pool automation systems we install - with your permission - a technician can access, control, and troubleshoot your pool automation system remotely, saving you the money and time involved in an on-site service call.

American Pools, LLC can assist in choosing and maintaining the right pool automation system for you and assist with issues you encounter!

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